XpenseTravel (S60 1st) 1.0

Manage your expenses while travelling on business or holiday

XpenseTravel is a powerful, yet simple expense manager for Series60 devices. Track your spending during the travel, and have the complete picture of where your money goes. With multiple file support, it makes a great reference tool – consult your old records when planning a new journey. It is an absolute must-have for a traveler.

XpenseTravel features:

  • Simple interface, easy navigation
  • Record an expense with just a couple of clicks
  • Create new Categories, arranged in two-level hierarchy
  • Create new Payment types, with alerts when a certain limit is reached
  • Create new Currencies, and set exchange rates
  • Generate Statistics, view Charts (NEW!)
  • Work with multiple files, for separate simultaneous records, or future travel planning
  • View expenses filtered by date and time, category, payment type or currency
  • Create reports and statistics, and easily export the data to a PC

Simple interface, easy navigation

XpenseTravel allows you to add a new entry with only two or three clicks, using predefined Categories. It shows your expenses filtered by a date/period of time, Category, Payment type or Currency. You can choose what data you enter when recording an expense, such as quantity, amount, location etc. Appearance of the existing records is also customizable through Look&Feel option.

Payment types

XpenseTravel supports multiple Payment types, which would typically divide your spending records into cash, Credit Card A, Credit Card B etc. You can define new payment types, or alter the existing ones. For each payment type, you can set a threshold value (high limit), and you will receive a notification when the limit is reached – feature useful for credit cards with a limit.


XpenseTravel lets you define your own expense Categories, and arrange them in two-level hierarchy. You view statistics of your expenses grouped into categories. Those statistics can also be filtered by a period of time or Payment type.


With multiple currency support you can add as many currencies as you like, set the exchange rates, and recalculate all expenses into the preferred currency.

Multiple files

XpenseTravel supports multiple files (databases). It saves each journey in a separate file. You can define new files and have a clean start for each new travel. It is easy to change between files and simultaneously manage, for example, business and personal expenses. Saving previously used files makes great a reference for your future travels - reopen an old file and see how much money was spent on your vacation.


Create reports in CSV format, send them to PC for viewing with a spreadsheet program (such as Excel)


Send your expense files to a PC

...and much more besides!



XpenseTravel (S60 1st) 1.0